Single Parent Guided Tours

Single Parent Guided Tours

Single Parent Guided Tours – Making Travel Inclusive


One of the features of single parenting that is not often considered is the additional stress that holidays bring – finding opportunities to spend quality time with your children, whether on a budget or not, can be more difficult that it seems.

Sometimes taking a holiday can simply involve packing the car with a tent and bicycles and heading off to a remote caravan park and letting the kids loose.  This can be a very rewarding first step to holidaying with your children, in the relative safety of an enclosed and controlled area.  But what happens when you want more and you want to show your kids more?

A common concern raised is the lack of suitable options for single parent families, especially where there are more than a couple of kids. Often tours and promotions are geared for two adult families were rooms are sold on a double or twin share basis with the kids being able to stay free. Well that doesn’t help if you’re a single parent where discounts may not apply.

Nomad Travel is with you

At Nomad Travel, we welcome single parent families and can also cater the tours to suit. Our team take the headache and hassle out of having to research and find a suitable family holiday. We wanted to organised specialist guided tours that are unique and memorable for all.

Two countries we have chosen have a long and rich history dating back several thousand years, and are unique in their own way. The people are friendly and family oriented. The food is amazing. The ancient historical sites are spectacular.

I’m sure you can already picture the “show and tell” sessions your kids will have after one of our tours.

Nomad Travel guided tours to Jordan and China are led by an experienced team of guides, who have travelled with children of their own. You can view our Jordan Tours or China Tours to see what you and your children can experience and enjoy together.


Six Reasons to join Nomad Travel’s Single Parent Guided Tours


1. We have travelled with children and understand the challenges

Yes, travelling with children can be challenging, they need constant stimulus, but then need time to rest and recover from the sensory overload that is possible when visiting new and exotic places. Find suitable meal options is also a concern, don’t worry, as a family of foodies, we have found all the best spots offering a variety of food choices to suit most tastes. Keep in mind though, that we are visiting countries with very different food choices, so if you have a very fussy eater, best to start practicing and getting them ready from now!

2. Everything is planned (even free time) so you are free to enjoy your time with your children.

You’ve worked hard to save for your holiday, so you want to be sure to enjoy every minute of it with your kids, so we’ve done all the hard work in terms of planning. Nomad Travel tour itineraries have a good balance of organised activities but also some time for rest and relaxation.

3. Chance to meet other families with children on tour

We have a good mix of families and couples on our tours. Most families though, don’t mind travelling with other families. It is an opportunity for the children to make new friends, enjoying the company as they explore a new country. Some couples and singles like to travel without any kids on tour, we respect that and advise our guests of the general make up of the group so that they can choose a group/date that suits. Either way, we have you covered.

4. Safe and Secure Travel

All the famous and historical sites we visit are safe and secure and well visited and regulated. We also provide detailed contact information and are with you for the entire duration of the tour. This is a big deal. Many companies just “sell” you their single parent guided tours. Then give you the vouchers to meet a tour guide overseas. You could have done all that yourself. We are with you, but also allowing enough time to enjoy your holiday with your loved ones.

5. Our Single Parent Guided Tours have No hidden surcharges and No compulsory shopping stops

Yes you read that right. Why do only families and groups get discounts? OK, so I don’t really know why, it’s clearly not fair. Nomad Travel will not charge you a single traveller surcharge if you book a tour with at least one paying adult and one paying child. In fact depending on the size of your family and the tour that you are planning to take with us, we will even work to ensure any optional discounts available are applied to your booking!

Be aware that there are some super cheap tours advertised online, these are often so cheap due to the tours operators making so called compulsory shopping stops at selected locations. The stores pay the tour operators a commission on the items you are pressured to buy at inflated prices. Sure you can resist buying, but do you really want to spend a couple of hours each day with your family having to listen to and reject pushy storekeepers?

There is no Govt requirement to have compulsory shopping – if someone tells you that, stay clear.

How the costs of hidden compulsory shopping add up.

6. Payment plans – you book your holiday in advance, and slowly pay it off.

Not quite ready to go on tour right now, but you sure would like to some time later this year? Contact us to discuss which tour you’re interested in and we can advise of an arrangement to suit you.

Take a look at our tours listed to the right. Also, navigate to our full range of tours on the menu bar to get an idea of the tours available. If you’re part of a parents group, school or social club, we can even customise a tour for you. In fact, we’ll even throw in an additional group leader discount*.

Being a single parent is no longer an excuse to not travel and enjoy your time & holidays with your children. Speak to us about your next family adventure of a lifetime with Nomad Travel.

See our Contact Us page for your preferred choice of communication. Join our Nomad Travel Facebook page and see posts and feedback from other guests, (Adults and children) that have enjoyed travelling with Nomad Travel.

Happy Travels!

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