Important Tour Information

Arrival & Hotel Meeting Point

As the trip includes airport transfer, we will be taking you to the hotel directly. If one of our representatives is not travelling on the flight with you, it means we will be at the airport already, waiting to welcome you. We will greet you holding a sign in the arrivals area. Look for the Nomad Travel sign board. This information will be supplied when your booking is completed.

For those arriving early or wanting to make their own way, you will receive with your booking confirmation, details of the meeting point hotel for the first night in.

Whether you are part of a Private Tour or part of a Group Tour, Nomad Travel will hold an official welcome gathering at the Joining Point hotel on the evening of the arrival day. This will enable us to meet you and provide any relevant additional information in preparation for your amazing tour ahead.

Finishing point

Upon checkout, we will transport you back to the relevant International Airport  for departure. We suggest being ready to leave the hotel at least 3.5 hours prior to you scheduled flight departure time.

If you are staying on or making other arrangements for yourself, please note, that check out time at the final hotel is 12 noon.

Problems and emergency contact information

While we always endeavour to provide the best possible holiday experience, due to the nature of travel and the areas we visit sometimes things can and do go wrong. Should any issue occur while you are on your trip, it is imperative that you discuss this with your group leader straight away so that they can do their best to rectify the problem and save any potential negative impact on the rest of your trip.

You may also choose to provide details in your online feedback, which we ask you to complete within 30 days of the end of your trip. But we do ask you to be aware that it is very difficult for us to provide any practical help after the trip is complete.

For general enquiries or questions about your booking, please contact us directly.

Itinerary Changes

The information given in this itinerary may change slightly from time to time. It’s very important that you print and review a final copy of your Trip Notes a couple of days prior to travel, in case there have been changes that affect your plans. If you have any queries, please contact your travel agent or our staff. We are here to help you!

Please note that while we operate successful trips in this region throughout the year, some changes may occur in our itineraries due to inclement weather and common seasonal changes to timetables and transport routes. Though this hardly happens, it can happen with little notice. The order and timing of included activities in each location may also vary from time to time.

You should also note that travel in the northern hemisphere during the winter months from December to March, can be impacted by weather, causing road closures and delays, While this normally only results in delays of a few hours in the early mornings, it may require us to adjust the itinerary and routes taken, although we do still work to include all stops in the planned itinerary. We also do not conduct Discovery or Muslim China Tours during the main Chinese holidays.

Optional Activities

Any option activities you wish to undertake are at your own discretion. All optional activities are subject to availability and it may not be possible to do all the optional activities listed. The decision to partake in any activity not listed in the itinerary is at your own discretion and risk.


As a general rule most countries expect that your passport has a minimum of 6 months validity remaining. Please ensure the name on your passport matches the name on your booking and airline tickets. You will need to provide a colour copy of the identity page of your passport to complete your booking. Take a copy of the main passport pages and other important documents with you. We also recommend you leave another copy at home with family or friends.


Visas are the responsibility of the individual traveller. Entry requirements can change at any time, so it’s important that you check for the latest information. Please visit the destination country’s consular website for detailed and up-to-date visa information specific to your nationality.

For Jordan, most passport holders can obtain a visa on arrival in Jordan. Nomad Travel recommends anyone visiting Petra as part of their visit to Jordan to obtain the Jordan Pass Voucher. The cost of the Jordan Pass includes the Visa Entry Fee, Entry to Petra as well as just about all the other sites included as part of your itinerary. This is particularly useful for Cultural Jordan tours or the 8 day Religious Jordan tour.

Please note that there are ATM’s available in Amman airport and also currency exchanges.

For the Muslim China tour, ( Halal China tour or China Halal tour), you must obtain a visa prior to departure. Please check your local China Visa processing centre for details. Contact us if you need assistance with Visa applications in Australia. Processing can take several weeks, we recommend you apply at least 4 weeks prior to departure. If you hold an Australian passport and reside in Australia, we can assist with the Chinese visa application for a small fee.

Medical and health information

All travellers need to be in reasonable physical health in order to participate fully on these tours. When selecting your trip please make sure you have read through the itinerary carefully and assess your ability to cope with our style of travel. Please note that if, in the opinion of our group leader or local guide, any traveller is unable to complete the itinerary without undue risk to themselves and/or the rest of the group, we reserve the right to exclude them from all or part of a trip without refund.

You should consult your doctor for up-to-date medical travel information or for any necessary vaccinations and anti-malarial requirements before departure. Bring along any personal medication you will require during the tour. These they may not be easy to obtain at the locations on this trip.

Drinking Water

As a rule you should not drink the tap water, even in hotels. Generally this isn’t serious, an upset stomach being the only symptom, but it’s enough to spoil a day or two of your holiday. Bottled water is cheap and widely available. Water consumption should be about three litres a day. Rehydration salts, motion sickness tablets, and diarrhoea blockers are available from many pharmacies.

Food and dietary requirements

Your group leader or representative will endeavour to cater for specific dietary requirements where possible, however please keep in mind staff in restaurants and eating establishments are not fully up to date on various allergies and intolerances experienced in Western countries.

Please notify us of any dietary requirements at the time of booking. It is, however, your personal responsibility to ensure that you do not ingest any foods to which you are allergic. As some meals are fixed in advance, these cannot be modified to suit all dietary requirements.

Money matters

When it comes to money matters on the trip, every traveller is a little different. You know your spending habits better than we do. Please budget appropriately for things like meals not included, drinks, shopping, optional activities, tipping and laundry. It’s always better to bring a little more than you think you’ll need.

Make sure you’ve read your trip details thoroughly. It contains details of all inclusions and exclusions. This should make budgeting a little easier.

Cultural Matters

When packing, be aware that dress standards are conservative and you should dress accordingly. To respect the local culture and for your own comfort, we strongly recommend modest clothing. As a guideline, shoulders and knees at the minimum (and everything in between including midriff and cleavage) should be covered at all times. Wearing shorts and singlet tops isn’t appropriate and may well restrict your entry into sites of a religious nature, family homes, and will limit your local interaction opportunities in general. Loose, lightweight, long clothing is both respectful and cool in the predominantly warm climate. For Jordan, which is regarded as an Islamic country, women will find a headscarf useful.


Many national governments provide a regularly updated advice service on safety issues involved with international travel. Check your government’s advice for travel information before departure and ensure that your insurance covers all parts of your itinerary.

Leave your valuable jewellery at home – you won’t need it while travelling. Many of our hotels have safety deposit boxes, which is the most secure way of storing your valuables. Use a small padlock to keep your luggage secure.

A Nomad Travel member will accompany you on all included activities. However, during your trip you’ll have some free time to pursue your own interests, relax and explore at your leisure. While we will assist you with the available options in a given location, any optional activities you undertake are not part of your Nomad Travel itinerary, and we makes no representations about the safety of the activity or the standard of the operators running them. Please use your own good judgement when selecting an activity in your free time. We reserve the right to amend/cancel any part of the trip itinerary if deemed necessary due to safety concerns.

Fire Precautions

Please be aware that local laws governing tourism facilities in this region differ from those in your home country. Not all the accommodation which we use has a fire exit, fire extinguishers or smoke alarms.

Traffic & Driving on other “wrong side” of the road:

In some parts of the world driving may be on the opposite side of the road from your home country.  Look both ways before crossing any road. Be aware!

Seat Belts

Please be aware that local laws governing transportation safety may differ from those in Australia. Not all the transport we use such as buses, will have seat belts.

Pick Pockets and Personal Safety

While travelling there is always the risk of pick-pocketing and petty theft, particularly in the more touristy areas. The countries we tour are generally safe. The Governments have strict laws against interfering with foreigners. Simple measures like carrying your day pack on your front, not hanging your bag over the back of your chair or on the floor and wearing a money belt will reduce any chance that your valuables should go missing.

Water Safety

Please take care when taking part in any water activities in the sea, river or open water. Anyone taking part in water activities should be able to swim and have experience in open water. All swimmers should seek local advice before entering the water.

Travel Advice and Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is now an essential part of international travel! Please check that you have appropriate cover for your selected itinerary with your insurance provider.

Some more Rules

Illegal drugs will not be tolerated. Possessing or using drugs not only contravenes the local laws and also puts the rest of the group at risk. There are severe penalties in many countries, including the death penalty.

Nomad Travel believes that responsible travel includes respect towards everyone we encounter. In particular, the local residents and guides who make our tours so special.